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Popcorn 69
by Juicebox

  1. IT'S GONNA RAIN 2:51 Click to listen
  2. POPCORN '69 3:12 Click to listen
  3. HEART & SOUL 3:12 Click to listen
  4. I WANT TO KNOW 2:21 Click to listen
  5. CLEO'S MOOD 2:11 Click to listen
  6. SOULDRUMS 3:20 Click to listen
  7. LOVE BEADS 2:22 Click to listen
  8. DIFFERENT STROKES 2:12 Click to listen
  9. THAT DRIVING BEAT 2:23 Click to listen
  10. BUM DADDY 2:49 Click to listen
  11. LET'S DANCE 2:25 Click to listen
  12. BABY LIKES TO BOOGALOO 2:44 Click to listen
  13. MOVE YOUR HAND 2:24 Click to listen

Total playing time 37:35

Recorded by Rob Berends at the Highnotes Studio,Amsterdam.

Mixed and mastered at The High notes Studio, Amsterdam

Graphic design & layout: Emanuel Wiemans.

Photography Brian and Andy Reed

Liner notes: John Sparrow, Scott Rollins



Juicebox100% pure dynamite!!! JUICEBOX - new feeling 60 ' S Soul coming from Holland!!! In vein of the sounds Stax and Muscle Shoals… "Popcorn 69" is the first album of Juicebox, produced by Hippo Records in Holland, on which one finds the new versions of 14 "traditional" 60 ' S Soul R' B. The Netherlands were one of the first European countries to succumb to Soul vagueness at the beginning of the Sixties. Ground of R' B, Holland has had, for a few years already, its own Soul/R' scene B, of the musicians and the excellent groups. Juicebox is one of the spearheads of this movement… More than of the copy, JUICEBOX takes as a starting point the the tradition soul and the emene further. Do not mistake, the sound is well anchored in the 60 ' S but energy is that of the years 2000. Great & top arrangements, all raw and groovy, exceptional sound with analogic recordings !!!!!!
Styles : European Grooves, Groove Revival
Groovecollector Guide ID : 3908

Solid grooves from start to finish

If you need a bit of funk in your life, there's quite a bit of it out there for people to tap into. If you have become a fan of the classic funk and hard soul sounds of the late 60's, and mutated through many of the bands on Daptone Records, you'll want to scrape together a few seeds for a band out of Amsterdam who create the kind of funk that makes people long for the goosh. They call themselves Juicebox, and their Popcorn 69 album (Hippo) honors those who love soul, funk, and the good ol' boogaloo. All of the songs have been favorites for years, whether in their original form or when they have been sampled in hip-hop and electronica. Tracks include "Different Strokes", "Popcorn '69", "Heart & Soul", "Cleo's Mood", "It's Gonna Rain", and even a nice take of Bernard Purdie's "Soul Drums". The group also went out of their way to find a studio with a tape machine, so it has that nice, fresh analog richness you know and love. Juicebox do it for the love of the original songs, so it's not hip-hop revisions of the old breaks, but they hold true to the spirit of what those old 45's were about. The great thing is that each song was mixed like a 45, in that none of the songs go over 3:30. They say when it comes to a solo, all you need is 16-bars or less and move on with keeping the groove solid, which they do from start to finish.

John Book in Music For America (2007- 5 sterren)
Recensie op http://www.musicforamerica.org


Waarom vooruitkijken als achter je een enorme schat aan onweerstaanbaar zweterige muziek ligt? De Amsterdamse saxofonist Rob Berends en zijn Juicebox doen er alles aan zo authentiek mogelijke boogaloo te maken: muziek die veertig jaar geleden werd geboren uit de versmelting van funk, latin, mambo en soul. Popcorn '69 biedt veertien covers van helden als Ray Baretto, Bernard Purdie en Lonnie Smith, met hoorbaar plezier gespeeld. De gemene manier waarop zanger Tobias Breekveldt "Uh!" kreunt in Different Strokes, verraadt waar Juicebox op uit is: uw kuiten.
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