Play this track 1. Ardhi (7.31)

Play this track 02. Afrika (7.17)

Play this track 03. Himizo (5.53)

Play this track 04. Nenda Salama (6.07)

Play this track 05. Nashanga (5.16)

Play this track 06. Karaha (8.24)

Play this track 07. Tapeli (6.26)

Play this track 08. Wakati Ni Sasa (7.04)

Play this track 09. Safari (9.11)

Play this track 10. Zawadi Nono (7.42)

Total playing time 71:55

All compositions and arrangements by Michel Ongaro)

Recorded, mixed by Kasongo Wa Kenema in Watoto Studio, Nairobi Kenya

Assistant engineer: Maranata Additional editing & mastering: Rob Berends Globe Amsterdam Studios

Produced by Michel Ongaro & Oneko Arika Richard Executive Producer: Rob Bierings Photography: Peter Klashorst Graphic design and typography: Mohammed el-Fers (Mo-Art)



Senta Lain are a great band from Kenya who were formed by blind band leader Michel Ongaru 8 years ago. Michel is a multi-instrumentalist and plays harmonica, guitar, flute, drums, marimba and piano. Musically the band combine a wide range of influences and cultures which include Kenyan benga and soukous styles with gospel and Cuban Son. Very good.






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