In 2008 Hippo Records build their own recording studio where musicians can work in a comfortable space in a natural environment, creating a feel-good atmosphere. This resulted in a very large room with angles and spaces with the use of sound separation walls which can be altered to the wish of the musician or producer. Hippo Recording Studio

We can create several “sound shaped” rooms, small for a dry sound and large for a natural reverb up to almost 4 seconds.

We didn’t only think about the sound, the light can also be altered to your wish.

Because of this big advantage it’s possible to record full live sessions with the possibility to house over 200 guests.

The first recordings that we made where with Juicebox, the track “Chatterton” of this recording session was elected among 12 other studio’s as best sounding.

Rob Berends the in-house engineer worked with great artists and producers in music history such as Derrick Morgan (Jamaica) who recorded and produced the first hit single of Bob Marley “Simmer down”, Rico Rodriguez (Cuba) the trombonist of the 2 tone band The Specials, Winston Francis (Jamaica) composer of UB 40’s hit single “Mr Fix It” and many more satisfied customers.

The Hippo Studio is there for the musicians and the engineer is there to help lifting up every recording.





  • Yamaha NS 10
  • Genelec 3031
  • Mixing console:
  • Soundcraft 600 32/8


  • Alesis HD 24
  • Outboard Fx and Processing:
  • Roland 201 space echo
  • Tapco 4400 (spring reverb)
  • Fostex 8086 (spring reverb)
  • Spaceexpander (tube reverb)
  • Dbx 160,266,386
  • Drawmer (compressor)
  • TC 2200 (equalizer)
  • And more vintage fx!!!


  • Shure
  • Elecrovoice
  • Sennheiser
  • SE
  • Neumann and more